The Charcoal Seller

We make sure our clients satisfaction is 100% achieved .

The Hausa Koko Lady

You can now see how happy she is to be back in business to serve her customers without no worry

The Fish Monger

Her business is picking up so greatly

Having Poverty Reduction Agenda By:

* Providing Small Working Capital Loans
* Raising Women Micro-entrepreneurs
* Encouraging Savings
* Advocating Clean Cooking Practices


The philosophical stance of Imperial Trust as a non-profit financial institution is rooted in the idea that the poverty reduction and sustainable economic growth agenda of the country can best be fostered when it is made easier, affordable, and convenient for those who virtually dominate the leading economic sector of the country (the informal sector) and are a great source of family livelihood, to access micro working capital credit or very small start-up loans.

This is our raison d´être. We concentrate on this direction to set the standards in order not to lose our soul – pursuing social good and not corporate greed.

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Board of Directors

Mr.Baisie Ghartey
Dr.Adom Baisie Ghartey
Mr.Tebon Zumah
Mrs.Faustina Boakye
Mr.Zombil Nyarba
Mr. Frank Nutakor

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