Our Core Values

Trust – the trait of believing in the honesty and reliability of clients and staff. Trust is the key tool for the development of relationships.

Team Work – Leadership is shared by WIT and its beneficiaries, and there is the motivation to complete task at hand collectively.

Respect – recognising and respecting diversity of people and ideas. Always treating people with respect and dignity.

Reliability/dependability– doing things in time for clients to address their needs promptly. Being a reliable/dependable source of credit for the poor substantially reduces financial uncertainty and permits them to spend more time running their businesses and less time worrying about adequate working capital funding.

Agility – responsiveness to the finance needs of clients with speed and flexibility.

Affordability – our intent is non-profit. But our unique offerings, delivered by competent, compassionate professionals, are provided at fair but sub-market rates mainly to cover operating expenses, maintain continuity of operations, and expand reach.

Ethical/integrity – having an open, honest, and ethical approach in everything we do.

Excellence – non-profit does not equal non-performance. We are committed to the highest standards.

Collaboration – working with partners to achieve shared aims.